VA Standards for Technology

VA Standards for Technology

Licensed Personnel

1. Operate computer system and utilize software. This includes storing, organizing, and retrieving files and troubleshooting general hardware and software problems.

2. Apply knowledge of terms associated with educational computing and technology. The following is a short list of terms: CD-ROMs, Disk Drive, Fields, Memory, Scanner, Spreadsheet, Hypermedia, Cursor, Formatting, Peripheral Device and Floppy Disc.

3. Apply productivity tools for professional use. Using the computer to keep student grades and writing letters to parents are some samples of this standard.

4. Use electronic technologies to access and exchange information. Use search engines on network or web to find information on a given topic.

5. Identify, locate evaluate, and use appropriate instructional technology-based resources (hardware and software) to support the Standards of Learning and other instructional objectives. You should know how to make plans for getting and using devices necessary for your students to satisfy SOLS in your content area.

6. Use technologies for data collection, information management, problem solving, decision making, communication, and presentations within the curriculum. You should develop and model skills in technology in order to offer students learning experiences.

7. Ability to plan and implement lessons and strategies that integrates technology to meet the diverse needs of learners in a variety of educational settings. You should be able to utilize technology to reach different types of learners and in different settings (one computer classroom, pod of four computers, computer lab ).

8. You should be able to demonstrate knowledge of ethical and legal issues relating to the use of technology. You should know what is proper behavior on networks and the Internet. You need to follow the copyright laws.

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